3-1-2 Exercise for people with chronic conditions

3-1-2 exercise is called 3-1-2 meridian exercise method, which was invented by Prof. Zhu, Zongxiang about more than 12 years ago. It is simple to learn, easy to practice and very effective. Many middle aged or elderly people get benefit from this exercise method.

This method is popular in China and practiced by millions people in China. It is also practiced by many people in other countries like Austrilia, USA etc. It is very good for improving health conditions, especially for the people with high blood pressure, and chronic heart conditions.

There were about one thousand people taking part of investigation during 3-1-2 exercise. According to the statistics, 95% of people with high blood pressure are successfully lowering their blood pressure, half of the people even did not rely on drugs anymore.

For people with chronic heart conditions, their health improved after 2 weeks exercises. And after several months exercise, they can climb hills without any difficulty. Other benefits many people found are successfully losing weight, good sleeping etc.

Anyone keen to learn this exercise method may contact acu-clinic to arrange time. It takes about 30 to 45 min to watch video and practicing several times. It is basically free of charge, only gold coin donation to some foundations.


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